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Totally a cute dress up game! I played this game on my PC a few years ago. I don’t know how to screenshot things on a computer because my PC was given to me in 2020. So, I don’t know more about the things on my PC. I only know alot of things on my phone than my PC.

And could you fix the crashing on mobile?

I tried to play it on mobile but the game crashes and kicks me out of my home screen.

Also do an Android 7.1.1 crash support for it. Since my phone is kinda old.

(=^•ω•^=) Meow!

If you're still wondering, you can press the PrtScr key to take a screenshot on PC!

Oh, okay.

Maybe it’s because this game is made in a web engine, and maybe your mobile browser can’t support it, sorry about it :(.

this is so cute, i made one of the combos my profile pic! the one thing you might wanna do is add more skin colors to make it more inclusive but other than that its a perfect little character maker :>

Yes, I wanna expand it in a future! Maybe the colour palette it’s a bit limited, but I can expand it, thanks!

this is my oc rachel she alyways wins prom queen and is a princess mermaid hybrid (ik cringe lol)

love love love 💖💖💖💖

this is my son scrimblo he has every disease



Very cool!



Nice character creator! ThisOC is named "Ava" she loves the colours black nd purple and loves sketching fantasy characters!

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I love your oc so much! 💖💖💖


tyy ♡♡

very cute :)



its a very cute and simple game my characters name is missy and she is a UwU girl idk why i did that but i did

Awwww, I love it, thanks for play 💝💝💝

can i use this for vtubing :rofl:

Me gusta

interesting game! It's very simple but, still amazing


Amazing Game!


thanks!!! pretty cool char

thanks and no problem!

cute :3

like your comment :), thanks


I like X3


thankssss! good avatar!


thank you so much :)))

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Cute but when I try to change hats I just get this sadly ;_; Thought I'd let you know!

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Fixed! Try now

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i love  this gammeeee


great that you like it, any suggestions of styles and others you can tell me, thank you 💟

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Nope! just happy this game just exists


i love this!! ^.^ so cute!!!



haha! looks so cool



cute uwu

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cute game



My character!