Welcome to The Juicy Edit! an editor for juicy people!  Where you can create your most cute character and use it 100% royalty free 💟

with +100 items +27k characters/styles are possible! and countig. Open for recommendations for new hairstyles, faces or outfits, just comment or contact me!

BONUS: If you pay 1 dollar you can get a 4 -page webcomic, a present for those who decide to collaborate in the project!

You are free to use your creation as your profile picture, distribute it on twitter, modify it, sell it, print a giant poster and stick it on the ceiling of your house. Whatever you want!



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this is my oc rachel she alyways wins prom queen and is a princess mermaid hybrid (ik cringe lol)

love love love 💖💖💖💖

this is my son scrimblo he has every disease



Very cool!



Nice character creator! ThisOC is named "Ava" she loves the colours black nd purple and loves sketching fantasy characters!

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I love your oc so much! 💖💖💖


tyy ♡♡

very cute :)



its a very cute and simple game my characters name is missy and she is a UwU girl idk why i did that but i did

Awwww, I love it, thanks for play 💝💝💝

can i use this for vtubing :rofl:

Me gusta

interesting game! It's very simple but, still amazing


Amazing Game!


thanks!!! pretty cool char

thanks and no problem!

cute :3

like your comment :), thanks


I like X3


thankssss! good avatar!


thank you so much :)))

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Cute but when I try to change hats I just get this sadly ;_; Thought I'd let you know!

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Fixed! Try now

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i love  this gammeeee


great that you like it, any suggestions of styles and others you can tell me, thank you 💟

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Nope! just happy this game just exists


i love this!! ^.^ so cute!!!



haha! looks so cool



cute uwu

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cute game



My character!